Sunday, August 5, 2007

My post on hypnobabies yahoo group.

Hi Hypnomoms,
I used hypnobabies and had my dream birth:) yet to post my birth
story(my baby is 9 months already). In the mean time, I just want to
inform other moms about Elimination Communication.

In the book Diaper-free baby, Ingrid Bauer talks about gentle
elimination communication with babies and I can't sing enough praises
for her and EC. I started ECing when my baby was two weeks old, now I
can figure out when she wants to pee/poo. I rarely had any accidents
and it's working so well!

As I said earlier, I can't praise enough.

I've seen some negative feedback on this forum about EC. Please don't
let that effect your decision making. There is a nice support group
for all your EC questions(with 2003 members!). Lots of EC wisdom/tips
there to support you all along.

Please check out this group.

Pregnancy is a special time, I miss my pregnancy days :) I wish you
all the very best and hope to see you at the above yahoo group(for EC).


PS: I am not affiliated with that yahoo group in any way other than
being a regular member. I took the time to post this message because I
love EC and the fact that DD doesn't have to suffer from diaper rashes.'s easy on the planet(no disposable diapers)
3.easy on my wallet
4.easy for me and my husband(DD potty trained around one year !!)

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