Friday, October 5, 2012

What would you do for a designer shoe?

Just shook my head in disbelief, and thought this is worth mentioning.. Some of us are so caught up in designer labels that their whole value system is compromised.

If Shoe Won't Fit, Fix the Foot?

Men, don't be quick to point fingers at women..

Wonder what this kid sells for an upgrade of his iPad/iPhone when a new version comes out!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taking for granted

I had a toe fracture three months back and am recovering from it. A toe fracture is different from fractures at other locations because one has to carry the whole body weight on these toes. I couldn't walk or stand for long due to terrible swelling. For somebody who feels alive during a work out as opposed to sitting around lazily, it was a very long three months of my life. I realized how much we take good health for granted until something like this happens. I thought to myself, I wouldn't ask for anything more if only I can walk better. But since it started getting better and bothering me less, my silly little problems are bubbling up again...after a while I realized what my wish/priority was just a few weeks ago and how easily I forgot all about it, such is life!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We must be aware of how we dissipate energy

The impact of Jiddu Krishnamurti's works on my life has been tremendous for the past fifteen years. Here is one pearl of wisdom that I just got in my email, and is so dear to me .

To bring about a good society, human beings have to change. You and I must find the energy, the impetus, the vitality to bring about this radical transformation of the mind, and that is not possible if we do not have enough energy. We need a great deal of energy to bring about a change within ourselves, but we waste our energy through conflict, through resistance, through conformity, through acceptance, through obedience. It is a waste of energy when we are trying to conform to a pattern. To conserve energy we must be aware of ourselves, how we dissipate energy. This is an age-long problem because most human beings are indolent; they would rather accept, obey, and follow. If we become aware of this indolence, this deep-rooted laziness, and try to quicken the mind and the heart, the intensity of it again becomes a conflict, which is also a waste of energy. Our problem, one of the many that we have, is how to conserve this energy, the energy that is necessary for an explosion to take place in consciousness: an explosion that is not contrived, that is not put together by thought, but an explosion that occurs naturally when this energy is not wasted. Conflict in any form, at any level, at any depth of our being, is a waste of energy. -

Collected Works, Vol. XVI,152,Choiceless Awareness

Friday, April 27, 2012

Write something...

For the past few months I have come across several posts which emphasized why blogging(writing) is a good thing and I could see why that's true.

Once there was an article on CNN which said all the unfair practices of Foxconn is not going to hurt Apple's sales. I was so fired up to bash that writer, so looked at his post again to paraphrase him, and to my surprise everything he said was true. I wanted him to preach people not to buy any Apple products for ethical reasons, but I realized that his article was just fact based. Its true there are "Opinion" columns, which persuade people towards the author's opinions, but this was not such a column. This is just one example of why blogging is good. When we are writing anything for the whole world to see (I am not kidding myself, my blog readership is in single digits on a lucky day) we tend to be more careful. Also, just the act of writing helps us think more about something.

Yesterday I came across yet another article , and from the comments, came across this 'Don't break the chain' and found a great tool to implement it. The first thing I am going to do after hitting the publish button is add a link to my 'Blog daily' chain.

Happy blogging!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The most important environmental issue is one that is rarely mentioned, and that is the lack of conservation ethic in our culture."

- Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day founder and Wilderness Society counselor